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8/11 President Message

I miss everyone. There’s more to this President’s Message than that, but I thought that was pretty important.

In addition to the health risks of the pandemic, most facets of our lives have been altered. How we work, how we shop, and how we engage with other people looks very different than it did at the beginning of the year. Our Chamber has changed considerably, too. With monthly luncheons and special events cancelled, we are missing the social aspect of our organization. However, we are working hard to come up with alternatives to keep us connected.

All Chamber members will be receiving a survey to check in and see how everyone is doing. What can we do? What do you need? How do you feel? Our board is committed to lending support anyway we can, but we need your insights. Make sure to take a few minutes to take the survey.

Additionally, our board will be reaching out with a phone call to our members, too. Email and social media post are great, but I think a lot of us are missing that one-on-one contact. We look forward to chatting with people and coming up with new ways to serve our members and enrich our community.

Stay safe,

Matt Fazio

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1 Comment

John Wotus
Aug 11, 2020

Can we do a zoom meeting? I know that you can have up to 100 members participate on a zoom call

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