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August - 2019

Summer is coming to an end, but we have a number of exciting events coming up for the Chamber. We regularly have great turnout at our General Luncheons and our Women’s Luncheons, and I hope to see people participating in a few other special events right around the corner.

August 29 – BBW Chamber Food Truck Event

This event will take place at Baldwin High School and will be held from 4pm – 7pm. The event has been going on for several years now, and we have an incredible lineup for trucks this year. I have been eyeing up South Side BBQ, but that’s just me. At the Food Truck Event, we are able to engage with the school’s community and host a fun event.

September 16 – Corridor Community Golf Outing at South Hills Country Club

Once again the BBW Chamber, Economic Development South, and the Brentwood Business Owners Association have teamed up to put on a golf outing. Don’t think just because you don’t golf you can’t participate, either. We are welcoming people to join us for dinner and raffle. Let’s hope for some better weather this year.

Joining Committees

We would not be able to host these types of special events throughout the year without the work of our various committees. The commitment to serving the chamber and our surrounding businesses and communities is what makes our Chamber so great. If you are interested in supporting a committee, please reach out to any board member.

I am hoping to see some friendly faces at the Food Truck Event and the Corridor Golf Outing (oh yeah, and the luncheons, too).

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