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July - 2019

I am humbled and honored to serve as the President of the BBW Chamber! Over the last several years, I have met wonderful people and supported valuable community events. One of the most memorable events I have attended so far was the 60th Anniversary this past June. We honored past presidents and others who have served the chamber, and I had the opportunity to talk with people I had never previously met. It came to mind that although I wanted to focus on the future of the chamber, I needed to rely on the past to succeed.

The Past

I am incredibly lucky to have learned the ropes from Virginia, who was our president for the past two years. Her dedication to our organization was apparent, and I am so glad she will continue to serve on the board for guidance. Also, the newly appointed Vice President, Debbie Maddock, was the president in 2011-2012. Along with Virginia and Debbie, Dottie Coll and Mac Mcllrath are both past presidents on the board who can provide me with support. I am fortunate to have so many people with such wonderful experiences to help me in my new role.

The Future

As we look forward, I also want to think about how wonderful it is for our newly appointed board members to provide fresh perspectives. Chris Crompton, Tim Hindes, and Helen Hughes-Smith will all help with pushing our organization forward. The other board members, Andrea Hulsman, Scot Love, Jenny Worley, and George Zboyovsky, have all been leading initiatives and will continue their efforts for our chamber. One item that makes our chamber unique is that we have representatives from the schools. Amy Burch and Randy Lutz both serve on our board and help to connect our businesses with the communities and schools in the area.

Also, for those who do not yet know, Mary Dilla will be entering her last year as the Chamber’s secretary. Her efforts have gone above and beyond, and we will be working diligently to find a replacement before next summer.

Our board is full of people who genuinely care about the BBW Chamber, and who are looking to get involved to help. I am excited for the upcoming year!

All the best,

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