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September - 2019

Some people consider it fall with the official Autumal Equinox, which was September 23rd this year. Others like to wait until the temperatures drop and those crisp mornings come rolling in. For me, I know it’s fall when I walk into a place like Costco and see Halloween candy, Thanksgiving placemats, and Christmas trees. All jokes aside, it seems like big stores are meshing all of the major holidays together, and it begins to feel like a rush. So, I just wanted to take a minute to remind all of our chamber members of a few things as we begin to head in to this holiday season.


We all have busy schedules to begin with, but as the holiday season creeps closer, it seems like our time is even more constricted. Make time for some of our best community events of the year including the Women’s Networking Holiday Bazaar on November 15, Brentwood Light Up Night on November 17, and our Holiday Chamber Luncheon on December 5th at The Whitehall House. These are all good times to engage and celebrate with our fellow chamber members.


I like using Amazon as much as the next person. Prime two-day shipping has been a game changer. However, we should all think about patronizing our local businesses. Instead of waiting until the last minute, think about putting together some creative and thoughtful holiday gifts, and when you can… buy local.


Over the last several years, many stores ask you to donate money along with your purchase, which is great. However, I would encourage everyone to think about more than just donating money – consider donating your time. Over the next few months, there will be a bunch of different ways to help those less fortunate, and the Chamber will be aiding in some of those initiatives. This holiday season, think about how you can give back!

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